Pigeonhole - Storage & file sharing for Building documents
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How much is searching for compliance documentation costing you per building each year ?

We estimate it’s approximately $36,500 per facility manager, and up to $70,000 for contractors, per year.
Plug in your own numbers to see the potential savings. Give it a go...

I/we have Facility Managers/Contractors who are regularly searching for documents.

Their average cost is $ per hour

They spend approximately hour/s per day searching for compliance documentation.

Based on working days per year.

How much is searching for compliance documentation costing you per building each year ?

We calculate it’s costing you:

$ per year

By moving your documentation to Pigeonhole.space we can save you
80% or more in time and money, not to mention stress.
Using Pigeonhole.space we estimate you’ll

save $ per year


Your collaboration and compliance is only ever one email away with Pigeonhole.space

Pigeonhole removes the friction associated with the naming, uploading, secure storage and sharing of building documentation for building managers, contractors and suppliers.



Scan or upload your
essential documentation.


Approve documents submitted by suppliers to Pigeonhole.


Share Pigeonholes or specific files with
internal and external vendors
quickly and easily.

Pigeonhole saves you and your team time, money and hassles every day

Easy deployment

Our system is cloud-based so you can share files with any team member or contractor quickly and easily. First-time users simply register, set a password, download the app, and you’re ready to go.

Data capture and search

Standardise the name and data captured for your documents so they are easy to find at any time.

Sharing made simple

Use the app to share documents with anyone, anytime, via email. Documents are then viewed via browser or our mobile app.

Pricing you can understand

Our simple annual subscription pricing is based on the total number of floors of your building, which means you can buy and collaborate with confidence knowing there are no user licence limits.

Easy handover

We make file sharing simple. When an employee is on vacation, is sick, or leaves your company, your Super User or Admin can simply change who ‘owns’ the documentation without losing anything.

Peer review

With real-time reviewing and in-built chat, you can get immediate feedback or updates for documents from the people using them without having to wait for the original files.

Before Pigeonhole

Where are your documents currently stored?

Behind a filing cabinet in the building basement?

On an array of USB drives scattered around the office?

In an ex-employee’s email account that’s been deleted?

With various current and past service providers? When you’re about to be audited, how much wasted time is spent hunting around for important documents? 2 hours? 5 hours? Or even more?

With Pigeonhole

What life looks like with Pigeonhole…

All documents are securely stored in the cloud.

Documents are archived in a streamlined manner with unified naming conventions across all buildings, no matter who uploads them, so they’re easily found.

When you need files, simply log in or send an invite via email to an external vendor to grant temporary access. With Pigeonhole, your important documentation is just an email away. Storing all relevant documents correctly means you can prove your compliance at a moment’s notice.

Great reasons to choose Pigeonhole

Reduce costs and generate revenue

Huge time savings means more money saved for you in the long run. Check out our calculator to see how much you could save using Pigeonhole. You can also generate revenue by offering the service to your tenants as part of your building management fees.


Our platform is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform which means documents are never lost, are easily shared and worked on by anyone, at any time, on any device.

Easy naming and upload

Pigeonhole standardises the naming of documents when you upload them to your Pigeonhole. You can upload documents one at a time or use our bulk upload tool to upload in quantity.


Pigeonhole is the perfect place to store all required compliance documents. Your compliance responsibilities will take hours instead of months, and you can share files with auditors with just a few clicks.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have the documents you need when you need them is ‘priceless’.

You need to get on Pigeonhole

‘Wow using Pigeonhole has been amazing, the ease of uploading drawings and documents and then being able to share them with contractors and auditors has been a revelation that saves our company a lot of time and helps me get super-organised.

The automatic naming, date-stamping, and version controls mean I can now find documents with a simple search. I can then share them with a click, track activity, and collaborate with our contractors in a truly efficient manner. I no longer have to go hunting for documents as they now have a home or a ‘Pigeonhole’. I love it!


Facility Manager

With over 50 years of combined experience in the building and IT industries, Pigeonhole founders, Grant and Brett, share a vision to transform the building industry using cloud-based solutions.

Our mission is to create a cloud-based destination for the plans and compliance documents that currently sit in your building on emails, USB drives or in a dusty, old drawing room filing cabinet.

We’ve simplified the upload process with standardised naming conventions so once documents are in their Pigeonhole they can be easily stored, found and shared.

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