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Peace of Mind is what matters

Peace of Mind is what matters

Recently, we asked a customer, ‘what was the critical decision factor for them when they decided to use Pigeonhole?’  Before we could even start exploring ‘cost savings’ and other financial aspects, they replied, ‘Peace of Mind’. It was that simple to them.

They said, ‘we’ve wasted enough time over the years trying to catalogue plans, store them in rooms, keep them organised, only to lose track of them. That makes doing business difficult, whether that is providing documents to a contractor, or a complete set of material to a legal team when we sell a building.  We want ‘Peace of Mind’, and Pigeonhole is a simple yet significant step forward to achieving that.’

Delivering ‘Peace of Mind’ is a combination of many factors, but at Pigeonhole, we focus on providing a service that is; Simple, Organised, and Secure.

The ROI is fantastic, but the ‘Peace of Mind’ is priceless.

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