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‘Do we need Pigeonhole?’

‘Do we need Pigeonhole?’

Most potential customer sales objections in the Pigeonhole conversation over the last couple of years have come down to ‘do we need Pigeonhole?’ Or ‘we don’t have the time or people to upload the documents, and it will be an expensive exercise.’ Document management and collaboration aren’t sexy; they are not cool, regardless of what colour scheme the app has. But in today’s world, as everyone has to reduce human contact, it’s a necessity, no longer a discretionary spend.

So what’s the value of moving to Pigeonhole now?
The value to each client is uncapped. Buildings still have to be maintained, and facility managers, suppliers, and emergency services need access to documentation, preferably in a digital format to reduce contact. Do you have an easy tool to allow you to do this?
Have you asked your suppliers to provide all of their documentation material in a digital format and do you have somewhere to store it and use it for collaboration?
Are your employees, who are working remotely, actively working on improving your business today for the future? Can they focus their time on uploading documents?
If not, Pigeonhole could be the solution for you right now and for the future.

What’s the risk of moving to Pigeonhole?
Pigeonhole uses Google-cloud technology, and you control who has access to your system and for how long. That means it’s secure, scalable and resilient. You have control, and you can rest assured that you are using the world-leading infrastructure. The world’s leading organisations use Google Cloud, so the risk is minimal.

How quickly can we get started?
The simple answer is ‘now’.
As soon as you decide to use Pigeonhole and contact us, we can complete the order form process and have your building Pigeonhole set-up very quickly. As soon as you have access, you can start uploading documents and invite your suppliers to your Pigeonhole to upload their documents. FAQs and education are on our support page, so you’ll be self-sufficient straight away.

How much does Pigeonhole cost? Contact us for a quote. Our pricing is a simple annual subscription, based on the number of floors you have. The value is superb, the risk is minimal, and we can start working with you right now.

We’re here to help. Contact us for a quote.

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