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Give me a clean digital solution

Give me a clean digital solution

There is a recurring point that comes up in EVERY conversation with prospective Pigeonhole clients.

‘Give me a clean digital solution’.

We demo the Pigeonhole product, and we show the simple nature of the interface, the imposed structure and naming, the ease of access, and the ability to share with anyone; everything people expect from a modern digital solution. And everyone, without fail, says ‘why isn’t this the norm already and can I have this when I buy my building or turn up to do some work in the building?’

The simple answer is that change takes time and we are ‘shining a light’ on an issue that everyone knows is there, but it’s been in the ‘too hard to fix’ bucket for years. Some call it apathy. Some call it ‘decision fatigue’. Consultants call it ‘the user adoption conundrum’. Cloud and mobile technology works, there is no ‘leap of faith’. Solving the problem is a conscious decision by building owners and managers to tackle a problem head-on, improve a situation, and make life easier in the long run for all the people demanding ‘a clean digital solution’.

Imagine buying your property and having all the documentation in a clean, structured, accessible solution; a ‘Pigeonhole’ or ‘home’ for the documents. It could be any property; the principle is the same; why do we build or buy a commercial property for millions or hundreds of millions of dollars and struggle to get the paperwork we need? Imagine getting the keys to your new townhouse or apartment, and you get an email invite to Pigeonhole, you log in on your mobile, and you have instant access to all of the documents about your purchase. You can also use that to store your other building documents, such as insurance and purchase warranties.

That’s the clean digital solution that everyone wants.

Get in touch for a demo, simplify your life, and start using Pigeonhole.

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