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The best time to plant a tree…

The best time to plant a tree…

A famous phrase about taking action says, ‘the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.’ The quote is really about ‘status quo bias’ or the decision to do nothing at all, which is easy to make in trying times. But challenging times will pass, and forward-looking companies and teams will benefit from decisions made now.

At Pigeonhole, we focus on solving the specific problem of Building document storage and sharing and doing it exceptionally well, making it easy for clients to adopt cloud technology and see immediate benefits.

The Pigeonhole approach is simple. We have a simple license model, so no unforeseen financial pain. We have a simple User Interface so that anyone can use it, even the most technology averse person, and we will continue to focus on making it even simpler. We have spent significant time making conscious decisions to avoid building ‘bloatware’ or features that a customer will never use. And we have a simple mantra that guides everything we do, ‘we make life easier.’

Of course, a customer can still choose to do nothing. They can keep wasting time and money on technology solutions that don’t get the work done efficiently. They can keep looking for the documents they need. They can keep paying support teams to maintain bespoke systems in-house implementations or pay for painful upgrades. There is a cost of doing nothing. And it is usually high and very dissatisfying.

So, when we hear from our growing list of clients, ‘I wish I had done this a long time ago’, we want to spread the word and make everyone’s life easier. Of course, there is always an effort to move to a new way of working, but if that resulting way is simpler and will improve your day to day life for years to come, then it has to be worth it.

Don’t be satisfied with the status quo.

Contact us for a demo and a trial today, and simplify your life.

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