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Pigeonhole – ROI

Pigeonhole – ROI

Building any business case for a transformation initiative focuses on the fundamentals of generating profitable revenue and saving costs, generally called ‘Improving the Jaws’. Shareholders, Business owners and Executives want to see a timely ROI (return on investment) to make any efforts worthwhile and to show demonstrable impact to ‘the bottom line’.

In life, there is any number of ideas and problems looking for solutions; the trick is recognising there is a problem or opportunity, and then acting quickly to solve it.
We have created Pigeonhole to help property owners realise a fast ROI, quickly generate new revenue, to cut costs, and to give their customers and suppliers an improved experience for the niche problem of Building documentation.

Pigeonhole streamlines the storage, management and access to Building documentation by providing a ready to use, cloud-based offering that gives building owners an organised ‘home’ for their documents.  As a building owner or facility manager, do you know where all of your building documentation is? Is it up to date? Is it organised and is information readily available to be shared? Do you waste money on contractors, paying them to wait for information or having issues on jobs because they do not have plans? Do your tenants have access to the documentation for the property they rent from you? Can they easily engage contractors on new fit-outs? Do you have access to compliance documentation, or can you quickly show a supplier when your warranties expire?

When it comes to ROI, how does a building owner or facility manager generate revenue with Pigeonhole? Tenants pay for management services, pay for insurance for their property, refit their offices, pay contractors to do work on their property, and they want peace of mind that they are working or living in a property compliant with safety regulations. The list goes on. Nobody likes losing documents or wasting time searching for them, and everyone is getting used to instant access to information. As a building owner using Pigeonhole, you can quickly provide tenants with access to the documentation they require, and you can add a charge to your maintenance fees for the provision of that service. It’s up to you how much you charge a tenant, but there is no additional charge to the building owner to provide further access. You have to decide what information you want them to be able to access and invite them to Pigeonhole. That’s just one revenue idea.

In terms of cost savings, the time and effort savings for Facility Management teams is significant, plus they will have more time to do other value-add activities. The ongoing savings from contractor engagements and outgoing payments are even more significant. By providing Pigeonhole to contractors, the Building owner is effectively helping contractors do their jobs or projects more efficiently and should be asking for a corresponding time/cost reduction in the submitted invoices. Imagine saving 30-60 minutes from every invoice for every job every day.

Business cases created by highly-paid consultants can create multiple models on how to improve ROI. We believe it is pretty straightforward with Pigeonhole. Use a simple tool to generate revenue and save costs. You can start today, contact us above.

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