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A simple key to unlock savings and revenue

A simple key to unlock savings and revenue

Finding the key that opens the balance sheet ‘lock’ to cost savings and revenue generation often sounds like the search for El Dorado, the mythical City of Gold, but they are the fundamental drivers for most of the businesses in today’s World.  They are the key performance indicators or ‘KPIs’ that drive share price, or performance reviews and staff bonuses.   

Regardless of your role in a business, you are impacted by how your business is performing financially, so if you can find a simple tool or key that can make an impact to cost and revenue would it make sense to explore it? Does that sound like a problem worth fixing?

If so, what would that key look like?

How about a simple solution that leverages the desktop and mobile technology that almost everyone uses every day?

How about saving time and money on every invoice you have to pay contractors who are working on your building by giving them immediate access to the information they need instead of paying them to wait or pay them to look for it?

How about having compliance documentation to hand when required and avoiding financial penalties for non-compliance?

How about having the pertinent building documentation available to lawyers when you are going through a business activity involving your property assets?

How about providing your tenants with the building documentation they need at a charge that you set to generate revenue?

How about being able to share any documents with a couple of clicks?

How about having a simple registration process that has staff and contractors up and running within 90 seconds with no additional user licence fees?

How about a simple, per building, annual subscription-based pricing model with nothing else to pay?

How about a solution that fixes many problems?

Pigeonhole is a straightforward key to help unlock cost savings and generate revenue for building owners.  We’ve kept it simple. The use cases and opportunities to save costs are endless. It’s not El Dorado; it’s available to anyone today, follow the subscription link above to signup.

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