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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

These blogs allow us to reflect on the use of Pigeonhole and how the vision, now turned reality, is helping change the way people are working, not least myself. It’s fantastic to see how Pigeonhole has evolved over the last 12 months, from an initial discussion to a Production system with clients using it in earnest. My daily work life has certainly changed in many ways, and I was recently discussing with a potential client the positive changes I’ve seen using Pigeonhole.

The user interface, or ‘UI’ as the techies say, has remained consistent for 12-months but we’re adding minor tweaks to the workflows and prompts all the time, which improve the way we work with the tool.

Some of the critical improvements to my ‘day-to-day life’ have been;
– Collaboration is now a way of life for me.
– The ability to share documents via the app, without actually having to email any documents, is so natural.
– Having mobile access to all of the building documents that I have responsibility for gives me a personal level of confidence that I can help others and also comply with any requests for information.
– Uploading digital documents as I get them, whether it’s a service record or a new floorplan, is my new filing system, and it’s easy.
– I’m no longer spending my time searching through dusty old file rooms. I’m helping people be efficient and helping my employers save money.

That’s a non-exhaustive list of improvements, there are many more, and more to come.

We’ll keep building out the roadmap to help people save money, generate revenue, improve productivity, and collaborate!


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