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Simplicity is the key.

Simplicity is the key.

‘Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.’ – Albert Einstein

Anyone used to using tools like Microsoft Word or Salesforce will understand the concept of ‘software bloat’, where new features are added, none removed, and the User Interface becomes increasingly inefficient. Other than exceptional ‘power users’ does anyone ever use more than 5% of the functionality in these tools? Most people want to use a tool for its original purpose, whether that is editing text or keeping on top of your sales pipeline and contacts.

At Pigeonhole, we believe in simplicity, and focusing on fixing real problems. Our stated goal is to be the document repository and collaboration tool for the life of a building. Not just the birth. We are committed to delivering on this goal with a simple interface, simple options and straightforward usability. We do recognise that our offering will have to evolve as we grow and user requirements shift, but additional requirements will have to pass a ‘is this really required test?’ Even when a new feature successfully passes the test, we will look to use available best of breed capability, not build our own, and, where possible, we will give users the option to use an additional feature if they choose to.

Every tool should be fit for purpose. That’s why we’re keeping it simple.

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