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Scratching the Itch

Scratching the Itch

Hi, my name is Brett Clarke, and I have been in the Fire industry for over 30 years. In my time in the industry, I have worked closely with Building owners and Building managers, and there has always been a common frustration when it comes to Building plans and compliance documentation. There has never been a consistent format or storage place, and documents can be anywhere, whether it is in folders, Drawing Rooms, people’s email, USBs or CDs. The inconsistency makes it difficult to find documents and then share with the people who need them even though everyone knows the ability to efficiently store and share documents is crucial in the event of an emergency, day-to-day operations or maintenance work.  Building documents are the heart and soul of Building operations, but they are never ‘at your fingertips’, which is why solving the problem was an ‘itch’ I had to scratch.


Pigeonhole has been created to provide a secure home and collaboration environment for Building plans and documents, all with a focus on being simple to use:  

  • The product can be accessed online or on your mobile device.
  • Unlike other products there are no individual user licence fees, the building owners pay for one subscription based on the size of the building. That’s it. 
  • Contractors register and download the app once with no licence fee, and then they only get access to the files that a Facility Manager sends to them.  Nothing more. 
  • With a user verification step, naming conventions are standardised when documents are uploaded.  
  • Activities are logged automatically, which means you always have an audit trail.  
  • Previous versions of documents are available to be reviewed.
  • The app uses your device functionality for collaboration.  Take a screenshot of the part of a plan you are working on, annotate using an Apple Pencil or stylus, then upload your work and share.
  • Share your compliance documentation or service records easily.
  • The platform has been built on open standards, which means we can ‘bolt in’ additional functionality over time such as linkages to asset management etc.


I’ve finally been able to ‘scratch the itch’, and I believe is going to be a massive help to Facility Managers, auditors and contractors alike.  We’d love you to have a look and try it out.

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