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Before the logo….

Before the logo….

The first conversation about happened over a beer and had nothing to do with technology.  Our co-founder, Brett, has been in the building industry for over 25 years and was talking about a problem that he saw every day and venting his frustration that nobody seemed to have been able to fix it.   

What was the problem?  Brett talked at length about a simple friction point: the ability to easily access building documentation so that contractors could stop wasting time and money on every job while the right plans are found, and making the sharing of those documents for collaboration and compliance activities easy.  Brett wanted to give documentation a home, or a ‘Pigeonhole’, that everyone could use and make the industry more efficient.

As he explained the problem, we were reminded of a Lily Tomlin quote;  “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realised: I am somebody.”   We could solve the problem and make so many people’s daily lives easier.

What was the solution? The conversation quickly turned to a technical solution and the availability of different Cloud services that could be ‘composed’ into a service that could fix the problem in a straightforward, cost-effective manner.  We created a simple ‘stack’ of services, which became ‘’, and we started talking to prospective clients and influencers in the industry. We created cost-saving scenarios for customers with a focus on Value, we created a simple subscription license model based on building size, not on the number of users, and we worked with a great IT team to create a simple user interface and product.  All of this happened very quickly. In fact, we had our first client, our first investor, and the ‘guts’ of the product before we had a logo. We will talk about that for a long, long time. Probably over a cold beer!

We’re getting very excited about the launch of  At the moment we’re working with a client to prove the capability and to keep the solution as simple as possible.  We’ll be launching very, very soon!

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