The Most Important Document You The One You Need Right Now. | Pigeonhole
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The most important document you need….is the one you need right now.

Move to a digital document storage and sharing solution with Pigeonhole

The most important document you need….is the one you need right now.

Anyone who knows anything about building management knows how much important documentation there is about a building. But how easily can you lay your hands on exactly what you need, exactly when you need it?

We hear that in every client discussion;
‘The auditor wants every insurance and warranty certificate. And they want it now.’
‘The contractors need access to the floor plans and electrical diagrams right now for the scheduled works.’
‘We’ve got a major leak and need the Plumbing plans right now.’
‘We just need access to all of the plans easily and be able to share them with the people who need them.’

That’s where Pigeonhole comes in – we make Building Management manageable. Developed by industry insiders, it’s a smart and secure way to find any document you need and share it with whoever needs it when they need it. It’s smart because it’s secure and accessible – documents are not where they can’t be found – in a folder on a single computer, a drawer in a filing cabinet, or a USB stick. It’s smart because it saves time. And because it works intuitively. Try Pigeonhole and see how it makes your working life easier, more efficient and faster. You’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

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