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Choose your Subscription

Interested in Pigeonhole? Choose a subscription below.

We offer an annual subscription, based on the total number of floors of your building or sqm of your warehouse. Simply click the appropriate choice below and you will be taken to the subscription page.


If you require Enterprise volume discount pricing for multiple buildings, please contact us via the link at the top right of the page.

Small Building

Annual subscription per Small Building – 0-9 total floors.

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Medium Building

Annual Subscription per Medium Building – 10-29 total floors.

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Large Building

Annual Subscription for Large Building – 30-49 total floors.

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Extra-large Building

Annual Subscription per Extra-large Building – 50-125 total floors.

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Shopping Centre

Annual Subscription per Shopping Centre Building.

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Pigeonhole removes the friction associated with the naming, uploading, secure storage and access to building documentation for building managers, contractors and suppliers.

Small Warehouse

Annual Subscription per Small Warehouse (<3000 sqm)

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Large Warehouse

Annual Subscription per Large Warehouse (>3001 sqm)

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Contact us for Enterprise Volume Pricing

You need to get on Pigeonhole

‘Wow using Pigeonhole has been amazing, the ease of uploading drawings and documents and then being able to share them with contractors and auditors has been a revelation that saves our company a lot of time and helps me get super-organised.

The automatic naming, date-stamping, and version controls mean I can now find documents with a simple search. I can then share them with a click, track activity, and collaborate with our contractors in a truly efficient manner. I no longer have to go hunting for documents as they now have a home or a ‘Pigeonhole’. I love it!


Facility Manager