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Simple. Secure. Shareable.

Pigeonhole - A smarter way to store and share building documentation

Simple. Secure. Shareable.

Building management has come a long way. So why is the way we manage our documents still so….last century? Why is it still so complicated? Why is security an afterthought? And why is it so hard to share the correct documentation when it is needed? Sound familiar?

At Pigeonhole, our pre-configured Cloud application puts Enterprise-grade technology in the hands of clients of all sizes, making document storage smarter and easier, with simplicity, security, and accessibility at heart. 

Welcome to document storage fit for the industry of tomorrow. After all, what you do is complicated and time is precious. That’s why we think finding a document should be super-simple and sharing it a cinch. Pigeonhole is designed by industry insiders and built to meet the demands of your busy life. Try a quicker, more thoughtful way to look after your essential documents like you look after your buildings. 

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