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Make life easier.

Pigeonhole - Make life easier

Make life easier.

At Pigeonhole, our goal is to make life easier for anyone who owns buildings, manages buildings, or works on the maintenance of buildings.
Everyone wants to become more efficient; to realise the dream of leveraging available technology to make their lives easier, and, in the age of Covid, to work efficiently in a contactless manner.

Implementing Pigeonhole makes life easier in any number of ways for every user.

At the highest level, Portfolio Owners or C-suite executives now have;
• Easy access to the documentation they need for all of your building portfolios.
• All documentation for every building stored in the same structure, easy to access, easy to find, and easy to share.
• Checking on compliance documentation becomes easy.
• Collating information for an asset sale becomes easy.
• Transferring the data to a new owner takes seconds.

For Building or Facility Managers, they now have;
• All documentation for their building in a structured home.
• All compliance documents are easy to find.
• The ability to easily control the sharing of any documents for work activities, such as that urgent Head Office request for a document or the plans needed for a contractor to complete work.
• Total control over who has access to what documents and for how long.
• The ability to easily track activity.
• An easy process to ask sub-contractors to upload all of the documentation they have and then act as the approver.

For the contractors or building maintenance doing the work in the buildings, they now have;
• Access to the documentation they need, when they need it, for only as long as they need it.
• The ability to collaborate with building managers easily.
• A home, or Pigeonhole, they can upload their ‘as-is’ documentation for approval and sign-off.

We believe that life is complicated enough. Pigeonhole it.

Contact us today for a demo.

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