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Revenue generation, and other ideas

Revenue generation, and other ideas

It’s always fascinating talking to clients and potential clients about how they see a technology solution helping their business.  The move to Cloud services has changed the purchasing dynamic from a procurement/legal structured dialogue to a ‘what else does this solution allow me to do’ conversation.  

We initially created the Pigeonhole product to remove friction from the daily lives of our clients, saving them time and money.  That has morphed into a multi-faceted conversation, covering revenue generation, biometrics and more;

  • Clients are exploring how they cross-charge their clients for the service, giving them revenue generation which exceeds the subscription cost of the service.  An immediate positive ROI.
  • Pigeonhole is built using open standards, and we’re already exploring hooking in other products, such as biometrics, as part of our ‘composable’ roadmap and approach.


We’ll start some beta programmes with those capabilities over the next few months, so watch this space. They will change the conversation dynamic again for our clients.

Once a technology solution is ‘easy’ then people start thinking about how they can use it differently. We’re going to maintain our philosophy of keeping everything simple and avoiding product bloat, only adding true value-adding capabilities for clients.  

We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback!


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